Unfinished “hornet nest”? Blockchain: Trustworthy, look at me!

On October 21st, the media “small voice Bibi” said that there are abnormal data in the website mafengwo.cn, and 18 million of the 21 million “real comments” were copied from the competitors’ platforms such as Ctrip and public comment through robots. In this article, it is also mentioned that the team found 7454 plagiarized accounts in mafengwo.cn. On average, each account plagiarized thousands of comments from different platforms, and the number of plagiarism accounts for 85% of the total number of comments they claim.

On the morning of October 22, Mafengwo responded to the contents of the self-media article against Mafengwo: “ In response to the distorted facts in the article and the organized attacks that have been verified, we will take legal measures to protect its rights and interests. “ In his statement, he acknowledged that some of the comments were fraudulent, and the account that was suspected of false comments was cleaned up, but the content of the article was one-sided and there was a clear misleading tendency.

On the evening of October 22, Mafengwo has filed a lawsuit against the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court for the matter, saying that the data provided by the report provided information on Rui Rui and the self-reported author Ding Zikai’s infringement of the right of reputation.

Data fraud has “distorted” the world

As mentioned in the third article issued on the evening of October 22, “Small whistle” is “the data fraud is an open secret. One thing has become a hidden rule, and everyone has accepted this. You and I am also irrigating, and when I finally want to do something practical, I am forced to buy and fill water. It will last longer than anyone who has the ability to irrigate.”

Yes, in fact, not only the Mafengwo, but other platforms are doing the same thing as Mafengwo. In order to reach more than competitors, increase market share, attract consumers, and make their website data look “good-looking” and other purposes, many businesses will adopt some similar means, but not as serious as the protagonist of this event. People can completely use the existing technology for data fraud, and can use the crawler technology to grab data in batches, such as brush ticket software to buy tickets, microblogging zombie powder comments, rebate e-commerce platform to brush low prices to create false data. People have long been accustomed to these false data and gradually destroyed the truth.

Why can Mafengwo be “handled”?

So much data?

The reason why Mafengwo can plagiarize comments from other competing websites is actually a copyright issue , because the copyright of other website content is not protected before it can be copied by Mafengwo.

On October 9th, the popular bullet message was temporarily removed from the AppStore. The reason is that the two pieces of information provided by the content partner of the bullet SMS may be involved in the copyright issue of the picture.

Through these two copyright incidents, we found that foreign copyright protection is much stronger than domestic, and domestic copyright issues have always existed and have not been resolved.

Blockchain brings a glimmer of light to copyright change

The difficulty of copyright issues stems from the limitations of traditional technology segments, the limitations of multiple agencies and laws, and the emergence of blockchain technology has brought hope to the change of copyright .

Because the blockchain has characteristics that cannot be tampered with, the Hash algorithm works for this feature. The hash algorithm encrypts the data on the blockchain and generates a unique “fingerprint” that changes as long as the data on the chain changes slightly. Applying to copyright issues is the ability to protect content that has been asserted on the chain and verify copyright through digital fingerprinting.

Although the blockchain can protect copyright, it still faces the problem of data non-interoperability . Even if a piece of content is recorded on a blockchain, because there is a disconnect between the chain and the chain in the blockchain domain, each chain forms an information island, so there will still be content producers. The registration of copyright on the A blockchain can be continued in the B blockchain without being discovered, and the emergence of cross-chain technology has solved the problem of content confirmation between different chains .

Distributed cross-chain protocol PalletOne

Cross-chain technology is a technology that can connect different blockchains and realize information and value intercommunication between different blockchains. Taking PalletOne as an example, PalletOne, as a distributed cross-chain protocol, opened up the communication channel between the chain and the chain, realizing the free flow of information and value, making the blockchain the foundation for supporting tens of thousands of applications (DApp). Facilities, it will get the blockchain out of the dilemma of data islands, and establish a multi-chain symbiotic, multi-chain interoperable value Internet.

At present, PalletOne has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the world’s first transaction-oriented one-stop digital asset cold wallet ELLIPAL, blockchain and pass-based new social and application market platform WindTalk, and distributed digital asset derivatives trading platform HonestNode. . PalletOne is therefore able to interoperate with different public links, accelerate the circulation of the entire network of the pass, expand the user base of coverage, and amplify the value of the application, providing more opportunities for the development of the blockchain.

Although the cross-chain technology can solve the problem that copyright cannot communicate with each other in the blockchain, the copyright issue still faces the challenges of social factors, government factors, legal factors, etc., and solves copyright problems by using blockchain technology. long way to go.

Blockchain world IP protocol high performance distributed ledger

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